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Why Choose Lilytoys ?


LILYTOYS is a company with around16 years of worldwide experience, unique in presenting each year by many new structures . With continuous attention to technical development and improvement of the safety and reliability, all to ensure that an additional advantage for your company.All our inflatable are manufactured according to European safety standards, with the materials tested, and certified in accordance with, made with nontoxic paints and fabrics, certified fire resistance class 2 .Passed CE/SGS/EN14960/ISO .LILYTOYS is winning more and more favorite from the end users by our fantastic qualified products, and by keeping seeking reative sense.    



Startup your Business

    Starting your own business is fun and rewarding. Nothing beats being your own boss. And starting an inflatable business is easy. Known by many different names inflatable party rentals including slides, interactive games and jumpers (AKA bounce houses, moonbounces, bouncers or moonwalks, etc.) are some of the most popular products in the booming party rental and amusement industry! Inflatable amusements are in high demand for birthday parties, school activities, church functions, carnivals & corporate events. Growing in excess of $3.5 billion a year, the party rental business is ranked among the top 10 most profitable business ventures in the United States and abroad. Your own inflatable amusement rental business is:

    • Not a franchise!
    • Low cost with immediate income when you receive your inflatables
    • Fast cash return on your investment
    • Easy set-up, easy to store & easy to make a lot of money
    • Completely portable; you take your business with you wherever you go
    • A low maintenance business
    • Full-time income for part-time work
    • A FUN business!

    To learn more, come to us Lilytoys!  

How to Order

How to Order

    1. You can order lilytoys products by fax ,email , online chatting or visit factory as you like
    2. Size & Style: 

    3. New and hot sale design ,please contact us !!
    4. Process: 
    a). you confirm order and pay the deposit; (As to payment terms, please click "how to pay ")
    b). we design according your requirements and then e-mail you for confirmation;
    c). we make your inflatable products;
    d). we e-mail photographing of the product to you for final confirmation;
    e). you pay the balance;
    f). we deliver the products to you.

    5. Price: 
    a). Ask for the quotation by Fax, E-mail,or at our factory.(price list) 
    b). For a cost estimate on customized Inflatable please send an email with your requirements.

    6. Confirm order: 
    Send us the products number, photos, size, and other demand by:
    a). e-mail
    b). submit on 
    c). Fax: 0086-20-87635331
    d). Skype:shenzhoutoys

    7. Lead Time: 
    Our regular lead time is around 7-15 days . The detail will tell you after you confirm the order .

    8. Transport: 
    By sea , by air , by DHL , by express ,By Truck

    9. After service: 
    Lilytoys is responsible for making some modifications as you need and your purchase can be reproduced and refunded if there are 

Which Inflatables Should Choose ?

Which Inflatables

To answer this question, first you need to decide if you’re going to go themed or non-themed for your inflatables.

Themed inflatables really command attention, and kids love them, whereas non-themed inflatables are often cheaper and provide a more “professional” look. Many customers have found that themed inflatables need to be rotated in and out, so as to keep kids wanting to come back. The choice is yours.

Now comes time to choose which specific inflatables you want in your center. While you have the freedom to do whatever you want (choosing from our catalog can feel like being a proverbial kid in a candy store!), the reality often is that the inflatables you choose depend on how much space you have — especially the ceiling height.

Don't  worry , a good inflatable company can work with you . For instance , we offer inflatables in multiple sizes and dimensions . Contact us , w'd be happy to provide a solution tailored to your needs.


How to Choose Location ?


    As the old adage goes, location really is everything, and can really make or break this type of business. Simply finding a cheap, inexpensive building with large floor space and high-ceilings (very important, mind you) will not bring the public to your door. Contrary to another popular saying, if you build it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come.

    So what is the ideal location then? That depends. Take some time and consider the demographics of your targeted location. Are there lots of kids between the ages of 2 and 10? This is the age group that will most likely be using your facility for birthday parties and the like. Choosing a location near a school or large center that supports youth activities is a good choice, as is a location near shopping malls and popular restaurants. Think like a parent: will my location be convenient for taking the kids after school?

    An important thing to remember is that it is very difficult to entertain all age groups, and you may find that it is better not to try. Why? And why does choosing the right inflatables matter?

What Kind of Inflatable Business is Right for Me?

Which kind of the Business should I choose ?

    To begin with, we like to segment the inflatable industry into the following four categories:

    Backyard Rental Companies:
    These are your typical “mom & pop” operations that handle birthday parties and the like, typically in a customer's backyard. This type of business can be profitable, but it is generally a smaller “weekend business” that provides a secondary income to the owners. These companies typically purchase small, easy-to-operate bouncers and combos.

    Pay-for-Play Event Companies:
    This is generally more of a carnival business. Instead of renting out inflatables for a set amount of money, these companies target local and regional events and set up a large eye-catching inflatable that people will purchase tickets to experience.

    Indoor Inflatable Play Centers:
    Also known as a family entertainment center (FEC), this operation features a large indoor space filled with inflatables and other attractions. Owners typically cater either to scheduled parties or are open to the public during a set period of time each day.

    All of these types of business can be profitable and fulfilling. But which one is right for you?

    The Choise is yours , we are here to help you every step of the way . If you have more questions , or want to know more about which inflatables to choose , please contact us. Our teams have decades of experience , and we'd love to work with you.

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